About the artist


Well known for his colorful oil paintings, most often depicting strong women, Dan dos Santos' work spans a variety of genres, including novels, comics, film and video games.

He has worked for clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Activision, Boeing Aircraft, Scholastic Books, The Greenwich Workshop, Penguin Books, Random House, UpperDeck, Hasbro, DC Comics, and many, many more.

Dan has been the recipient of many awards. He is a ‘Rhodes Family Scholarship’ winner, a five time ‘Hugo Award’ Nominee for Best Artist, and has received both Gold and Silver Medals from ‘Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art’. His illustrations have graced the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller list numerous times and his covers are seen in bookstores in dozens of countries around the world.

Simply put, Dan dos Santos is one the most recognized artists in his field. With hundreds of book covers to his credit, his vision has helped shape what the Fantasy market is today.


Q: Are the images on your site created traditionally or digitally? 

A: The vast majority of the finished illustrations you see on my site are created traditionally, using oil paints. However, I commonly use digital techniques for preliminary sketching and for revising images to suit a client's needs.

Q: How long do you spend on a typical painting?

A: I like to have 3 weeks to complete an image. That gives me a week to read the manuscript and do preliminary sketches, and 2 weeks to paint the final image. Though, due to time constraints, I am rarely allotted this much time. 

Q: Do you accept private commissions? 

A: Yes. If you are interested in commissioning a painting, please contact me by phone or email.

Q: Are your originals for sale? 

A: Yes, just about everything I paint is for sale. Many of the works on this site have already been sold, but feel free to send an inquiry if you are interested in a particular piece. 

Q: I am looking to improve my painting abilities, can you offer any advice?

A: Work on your drawing abilities first. Remember, beneath every good painting is a great drawing. For more specific painting advice you can purchase my instructional DVD, or take a look at some of my free tutorials found HERE. Remember to keep practicing.

Q: When did you start painting?

A: I didn't learn to paint until college, though I have been drawing ever since I could remember. 

Q: I want to be an artist, do I need to go to Art School?

A: Personally, I would not be where I am today had I not gone to a good art school. However, there are multitude of educational options available to students now that were not an option for me back when I was getting started. I highly recommend aspiring artists look at programs such as 'The Illustration Master Class' and 'SmArt School' as college alternatives. Not only are they much more cost effective, but in my opinion, provide a better education than most 4 year schools.

Q: I have a great idea for a project. The project is sure to make me a millionaire, and your work is perfect for it. Unfortunately, at this time, you would need to do some work for free... Are you interested? 

A: No. 

Q: Are you looking for an intern?

A: At this time, no. But I do mentor a select group of students via an Online Mentorship Program.

Q: I have a problem with an order I placed on your website. What should I do?

A: Sometimes shipments get delayed, lost, or damaged. If there is an issue of any sort, please do not hesitate to contact me through the form found HERE. I guarantee every item I sell.